Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Videos this Fall?

Well, it's been almost three years since I last made a review video. Between work (Finding it and actually having it), finishing school, and other personal issues, I stopped making videos and scripts for quite some time. I've finally decided to make an attempt to record some content for you guys this fall. I'm looking into making four different reviews, with one being set for sometime in 2015.

Things that are planned for this is an update to the current video format, where I'll do a mini-bit that will serve as an introduction to the content being reviewed, then a new intro sequence followed by a title card for the series, then doing my intro to the series commentary with various clips. With regards to the new intro, I had to consider a new track for the intro video due to having issues with copyrights because of the current song. I was lucky enough to find a new track on Newgrounds that I can use for the intro, and have plans to remake the video for it as I felt like there weren't enough clips of me involved in the actual intro. Hopefully I can make something work on that, if not I'll go back to the clip show setup.

Planned reviews include the following (In no particular order):
-Darkwing Duck
-Teen Titans
-Kim Possible
-Sailor Moon revisit (2015)

The reason for the 2015 release on the Sailor Moon revisit is that it'll give me time to redo/regather my notes regarding the flaws of the original English dub that I only glanced upon during my final write-up in the original review. With Viz Media recently getting the rights to the original Sailor Moon anime, as well as the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal, there are plans for me getting at least the first season on DVD once those are released (Provided the price isn't ridiculous) and use the subtitled Japanese versions for the comparisons in the revisit. I really want to make sure that this is done right, and I really don't want a repeat of the sorta rushed feeling I got out of the original scripting and filming of the original Sailor Moon review.

I had originally planned to do Kim Possible as a quick review after Sailor Moon, but after all this time, I feel like one of the things I originally wrote in the script won't work anymore, so an old inside joke from the old Sailor Moon review will not be making a reappearance in the Kim Possible review. I may bring it into the revisit, but right now I'm not sure.

Teen Titans and Darkwing Duck? I grew up on Darkwing back in the days of the Disney Afternoon, so why wouldn't I do that one? As for Teen Titans, let's just say this new generation needs to know what they're missing when they are watching that new crappy series "Teen Titans Go!" Respect the classics, man!

Until the next review guys, have a good day!