Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome to the blog!

First blog post, ahoy!

Anyway, welcome Please Rewind fans! This is where you are going to find posts related to future review videos. These posts will be about the shows and specials that I have wanted to make review videos for, but thanks to either laziness or some other factors, I have not been able to make the videos for them or even finish their dang scripts. So, my plan is to once a week post a mini review on something I actually wanted to work with, and will hopefully make a video of in the future. The posts can range from really lengthy to short and easy reads for late at night. Hopefully you guys will still be able to enjoy my reviews despite their lack of video and commentary.

The first review post will be coming up this Saturday night (MST), and it will be on something that was recently made but based on something from the past. What would that be, you ask? Here's a tiny hint: Tara Strong worked on this show.

Until this Saturday, stay gold. See you in the near future.

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